Save time, identify risks, keep it simple.

Automate and scale your monitoring, issue management and reporting.

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Centralized knowledge base

Use our powerful search function to gain an overview of our ever-growing database of internal and external sources.

Monitor all relevant sources

Track and gather all relevant news and updates with self-defined keywords. Whether it be at the international, national or regional level.

Use interactive tables

You can insert important political businesses, regulations or other sources directly into your interactive table. The table is then filled with continuously updated metadata from LARI, to which you can also add your own data and information.

Collaborate with your team

Add collaborators to your documents, track their changes and create tasks for specific assignments.

Create reports

Export reports directly into a PDF or Word file, which you can then distribute to the board of directors.

Compare PDFs

Immediately recognize the changes in a document by comparing the older version with a new one.

See what our customers are saying

“With LARI, we reduce the risk of missing a relevant regulatory change, as LARI bundles all the sources that are important for us on one platform! This enables us to identify and implement changes easily and quickly. Furthermore, we stay up to date on political business, consultations, court rulings, legislation or even Elcom orders.”

Merlin Weber, Regulatory & Compliance, SAK

“LARI is perfectly adapted to our needs. By automating monitoring, the technology helps with daily work, saves time, reduces risk and is attractive in terms of price and quality.”

André Büttner, Senior Legal Counsel Generali Schweiz

“With LARI, we save time, have increased process reliability and can make our daily newsroom meetings more efficient.”

Anna Boffo, Public Affairs Specialist SVV


For Public Affairs

LARI monitors all types of political businesses conducted in Parliament. Users can mark, classify, comment and share relevant businesses with other users.

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For Legal

With its automated monitoring feature, LARI offers the possibility to obtain relevant information from the EU and D-A-CH-LI region.

Thanks to the integration of monitoring into issue management, political businesses can be followed and further processed.

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For Risk & Compliance

LARI collects all the necessary information and lists it on a single page. No more searching and researching. The fear of missing out on something important is yesterday’s news.

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